Yashna Trust is the EducationUSA Advising Center in Bangalore. Independently owned and operated, it is the definitive source of unbiased advice and unrivalled counseling for students pursuing a higher education in the US. For over 16 years, we have been making the dream of higher education a reality for students in the Karnataka region. Yashna Trust is the approved EducationUSA advising center in Karnataka.


Job Title- Senior Educational Adviser

Job Type- Permanent

Overview of the role


The incumbent reports to the Governing Council, and is responsible for providing accurate, comprehensive and impartial advice on educational opportunities in the U.S. She/he guides students through EducationUSA’s “5 Steps to US Higher Studies”.


Incumbent is expected to guide students and parents through the U.S. university search process, provide information on standardized tests such as TOEFL, SAT, GMAT, and GRE, identify possible financial aid, and provide guidance for student visa and departure to the U.S. She/he works within the guidance of the U.S. Department of State’s, EducationUSA program.


The Adviser assists in the organization of educational advising programs and special events, gives regular presentations on U.S. higher education and related topics. The Adviser also serves as a liaison with representatives of the U.S. Department of State, U.S. and local universities.


The position oversees and manages a staff of three.  The position is full time.


Major Job Responsibilities

  • Provide free unbiased information on higher education in the U.S. and educational advising services to students, scholars, and professionals seeking to study in the United States. Information will be provided in person, or via e-mail, telephone and internet based tools. Advising services will include, but not be limited to, group orientation sessions for the public, individual advising, and assistance with all aspects of the college/university admissions process, provide information on U.S. admissions testing
  • Maintain an EducationUSA library with resources provided by ECA/A/S/A and other sources
  • Maintain a database of students, institutions, other contacts, and accurate statistics on center use
  • Work with students and advise them on programs of study in the U.S.
  • Respond to inquiries and correspondence related to study in the U.S.
  • Plan and execute outreach to audiences with potential interest in higher education opportunities in the U.S. in Bangalore and elsewhere in Karnataka
  • Conduct workshops and webinars related to U.S. higher education (for example: application preparation; fields of study information; pre-departure orientation)
  • Organize and maintain files, reports and presentations; submit reports to Public Affairs Section of the U.S. Embassy, the EducationUSA Regional Educational Advising Coordinator, and other partners and stakeholders
  • Assist in organizing, coordinating and implementing special educational advising events such as Educational fairs, Pre-Departure orientations and alumni and international educational week programs
  • Handle all logistical issues such as securing location, preparing materials, and contacting participants for seminars, meetings, testing, etc.
  • Assist in conducting and proctoring standardized tests such as TOEFL, GRE and ACT
  • Organize a physical advising center that effectively serves the needs of students and other stakeholders
  • Develop an annual plan, business plan, budget, marketing and outreach plan, annual funding requests, and strategic planning for income-generating activities
  • Conduct annual performance appraisals of staff to present to REAC/ governing council

Any other work assigned by the Governing Council within the scope of the center’s objectives


Qualifications Required:

Essential: Bachelor’s Degree(Arts or Science, Education, International Relations, Social    Sciences, Library Science, Linguistics, or other appropriate field)

Desired: Master’s Degree, U.S. university degree


Experience Required

Essential: 5-8 years’ experience in the education sector, teaching and/or advising students on college admissions. Study experience in the US preferred


Skills Required

High Level Oral and Written English Communication; Knowledge of U.S. higher education system; Excellent presentation skills; Commitment to cross-cultural exchange; Experience in organizing conferences or similar events; Proven ability to work in a team environment; Familiarity with U.S. Standardized Tests; Advising Skills; Customer Focus; Self driven with strong Networking and Liaising Skills; Ability to Engage with Students; Strategic Planning Skills; Understanding of academic and business ethics, team work, multitasking,  Creativity and problem solving skills are assets.

Computer Skills: Internet Research, Word Processing, Spreadsheets, Power Point, Internet, E-mail, database use and management, familiarity with Internet based tools and use of social network.


Knowledge Required

Business ethics; higher educational systems of US and India; Fellowship programs; some familiarity with Financial Planning.