With our accurate, comprehensive, current and unbiased educational advising, we have transformed many students’ “Study in the U.S.” dreams into reality. To illustrate the value of our services, we will let our successful and happy students do the talking!

By enrolling with Yashna I was able to select my universities in a quick and efficient manner. They were able to provide the right guidance at every stage. All my queries were answered very promptly. Love the openness and approachable atmosphere they have cultivated.

Shymalika Nagendra

MS in School Counselling, Pennsylvania State University

I found your visa seminar most helpful. I got an insight not only on the entire visa process, but also pointers on how to prepare for it. Thank you very much!

Anushri Prabhu

MS in Computer Science, University of Illinois Chicago

I have secured an admit for Management of Information Systems with all universities I applied to, namely Carnegie Mellon University, Kelley School of Business, University of Indiana-Bloomington, Eller College of Management, University of Arizona and Syracuse University.
I would like to thank Yashna Trust for the constant support in making this possible.

Sanjay Joshi

Carnegie Mellon University, MS Management Information Systems

My experience of counseling with Yashna Trust has been a very enjoyable experience. Right from the initial stages of ‘why I want to go to the US’ to the VISA counseling and mock interviews, they have been completely comprehensive and thorough, leaving nothing out. However, the thing that I like the most is the homely feel that the centre has, when you are greeted with smiling faces as you enter the door. I sincerely thank Yashna Trust for helping me throughout the admission process and achieving my dream to study in the US.

Vaibhav Murthy

BS in Genetics, Cell Biology and Development University of Minnesota - Twin Cities

The SAT class at Yashna was very helpful. There was a marked improvement from my diagnostic test to my actual test and the teachers definitely helped in that. The weekly practice tests were very instrumental in finding out where you stand and the timings of the class were also nice – not too less, not too much.
There was an even distribution between Math and English and that was really helpful in finding out your mistakes. All in all, I would definitely recommend the SAT class at Yashna to anyone who wants to do well in their SATs, as it is a very satisfying course and the improvements are very obvious.

Aditya Kharosekar student

NAFL,Bangalore SAT Score: 2240

I came to know about Yashna Trust through the USIEF. The people at Yashna Trust were always there to help me at all steps of the College Application Process. I was most benefited by their help in critiquing my essays.
They were regularly in contact with me and helped me with every small detail on my application and also helped me present my essays well. Even after receiving decisions from the colleges, the advisers helped me choose the right college for me. The Visa counselling provided by them is just invaluable.
The constant support and dedication showed by Yashna Trust is what encourages me to recommend it to my friends and relatives who plan on studying in the USA!

Vaishak Thimakapura

BS in Computer Science, University of Pennsylvania

I got to know about Yashna Trust through one of my friends. Before getting here, I did explore a lot of other higher education consultants. During my first interaction with Yashna, I realized that they are very different from other consultants – Dedicated, honest and sincere. They want to provide quality service and help students with no intentions to exploit money.

My experience with Yashna has been really fruitful and satisfying. I enrolled myself in the entire package which offered University short-listing, SOP and LOR reviews, Preparation for Visa and pre-departure sessions. Since there are about 4500+ universities in US, I had questions on how many Universities to apply and the way to go about short listing of schools.
The initial sessions at Yashna helped me align my thoughts and narrow down the list of Universities. The staff was of great help with prompt responses over phone and mails too.
You always need someone to review your SOP and LORs (these are very important for securing a good admit). They provided excellent review comments and helped me in making quality SOP and LORs by highlighting my interests clearly.

Everyone knows that Visa is one of the most important steps in the process and the battle is not won until you secure a US Visa. Yashna organized a Visa session by a Consular officer from the American Consulate, Chennai. This session particularly helped me gain confidence and answered most of the doubts which I had. Yashna also provided a checklist of documents that I need to have, ways to answer Visa interview questions and so on. They conducted mock interviews too. This helped me attend my Visa interview with great confidence. Yashna also organized useful pre-departure sessions inviting people from different sections of the service industry like travel, insurance and financial institutions.

And Yashna’s service doesn’t end there. They are constantly in touch with me even now and it feels like a part of family. I would highly recommend Yashna Trust for people looking for help with regard to higher education. As I mentioned, they have a wonderful set of staff who care for you and it feels wonderful to be a part of Yashna family.

Vijaya Raghavan

MS in Computer Science, Carnegie Mellon University

I was interested in pursuing a Masters degree in Forensic Accounting for the longest time. My primary challenge was identifying a school and program that best fit my needs. I was referred to Yashana Trust via family and friends. The staff at Yashana Trust make every effort to understand each aspiring student’s unique needs and help find the school and program that will be the best fit. They offer a comprehensive program that guides students from identifying the right school to the visa process. Thank you all.

Jyotsna Rao

MS in Forensic Accounting, Georgia Southern University

I arrived at my University last night and all is well here. I met my grad adviser and it seems like I have made a good impression on them already with my application – and a million thanks to you for helping me out there. The Indian Student Association here is extremely well managed and organized. I had a smooth flight and moved in into my temporary accommodation right-away, they have also gone far in helping me settle down. This combined with your valuable pre departure orientation session has been so helpful that I can say this truthfully, I haven’t felt for a moment that I have left India at all..
Again, I would like to thank you for all the advice and help that you have given me, due to which I am here comfortably settling-in in a university of my choice and doing what I’ve wanted to do for a long time.

Omkar Solarpukar

University of Oklahoma, MS in Mechanical Engineering