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EducationUSA Bangalore – Yashna Trust follows a step-by-step Guided Advising Model, as a part of the student advising process that spans a period of 12-18 months.  Successful applicants are typically those who follow the recommended timeline and process.

Membership of EducationUSA   Bangalore – Yashna Trust, will enable you to be guided by our team of advisers, who will help you successfully navigate all the components of the application process.




STEP 1 (a): Basic Orientation to 5 steps to study in the U.S.

This is an introductory and interactive session with students who are exploring options to study in the U.S.

Session objectives:

  • Learn about Higher Education opportunities in the U.S.
  • Learn about application procedures and timelines
  • Learn about EducationUSA Bangalore – Yashna Trust
  • Services offered as part of student memberships

 STEP 1 (b): Short-listing U.S. Universities: The Right ‘Fit’

Learn how to prioritize and identify the right criteria while selecting universities.

Session objectives:

  • Help students identify EducationUSA resources to begin school search
  • Identify accredited U.S. Universities and Colleges
  • Identify institutions based on your priorities
  • Make a list with the right mix of colleges and universities that match your profile


STEP 2: Finance your studies in the U.S.

Financial planning is one of the integral elements of planning for your higher education.

Session objectives:

  • Learn about the different options that exist for international students to fund their studies in the U.S.
  • Understand costs and experiences associated with your U.S. study


STEP 3: Complete your University/College Application

Learn to put together the various components of the application and help stay motivated, creative and organized.

Session objectives:

  • Understand the different elements of the application
  • Develop a strategy to be prepared before the deadlines
  • Understand how you are positioned on the timeline


STEP 4: Understand U.S Student Visa Process

Attend U.S. student visa sessions at EducationUSA Bangalore – Yashna Trust to familiarize with the student visa process.

Session objective:

  • Understand the U.S. student visa application forms and interview process


STEP 5: Event: Pre-Departure Orientation

Attend the Pre-Departure Orientation organized by EducationUSA.

Session objectives:

  • Use this opportunity to network with other students leaving for the U.S.
  • Learn about student life in the U.S., cultural differences, academic systems and expectations and residential arrangements


Yashna Trust does not guarantee admissions, financial aid or visas. Membership fees are a one-time payment by cash or cheque(services will commence subject to cheque realization). Membership fees cannot be pro-rated and membership is not transferable.