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Effective College Planning: 9th & 10th graders - Guidelines

Updated: Nov 26, 2018

You have reached high school and it is time for you to get on with your college search process! Finding the ‘right-fit’ is your aim! Here are some tips to help you plan well for a successful college search experience.

1. Meet your school’s designated guidance counselor to inform about your interest in higher studies in the U.S. It is a good idea to meet them early and often.

2. Reach out to EducationUSA advising centers for credible and unbiased information, orientation and guidance in your college search. Click here to find one.

3. Work hard to get good grades. Most colleges will take into consideration your performance in 9th, 10th, and 11th when making admissions decision.

4. Keep track and note down your research on subject, colleges, while at the same time jotting down all the important web links, high school curriculum requirements, important dates and deadlines.

5. Also, it is important to practice writing for your application essays.

6. Make use of family trips and holidays to visit U.S. colleges/universities of your interest. Talk to current students to get first-hand information on the universities, the rigor in curriculum, and other expectations.

7. Attend information sessions organised by Yashna Trust - EducationUSA Bangalore and login to the various EducationUSA webinars to gain knowledge about the U.S. universities, and the other important aspects of studying in the U.S.

8. Developing a structured study habit is vital. 9th graders, should try and dedicate an hour every day to an individual subject while 10th graders should aim for 2 hours a day undisturbed study routine.

9. Start preparing for the different Standardized Tests. Take practice exams available online through College Board or ACT Testing Service.

10. Make use of the holidays to engage in meaningful activities such as workshops, community programs, social awareness activities, etc. Participating in such kind of activities will make you a well-rounded applicant and shows you as a student who has managed your time well with school, and the various other activities.

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