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We have a long history of working with educational institutions in the state of Karnataka.

The best time to visit is from July to February.


Assisting students in accessing U.S. higher education opportunities.

Yashna Trust advisers are trained and well-informed about both the Indian and American Educational Systems.  Advisers present accurate, comprehensive and current information on U.S. higher education and help prepare prospective students via:


  • Group basic orientation sessions

  • Information sessions, workshops and bootcamps by advisers in collaboration with current U.S. university students and U.S. Higher Education Institutions, hosted by the center/local schools, colleges, and other public venues

  • Websites, social media platforms, WhatsApp and webinars

  • Sessions on student visa guidance


The U.S. higher education community can work with our center for 

  • advice about developing region-specific recruitment strategies,

  • creating programs and products to connect with students (via information sessions)

  • obtaining information about application and admission issues,

  • promoting the institution by involving current students and alumni

  • directing prospective applicants to the center for guidance

  • developing relationships with local universities and schools for institutional partnerships.


Bangalore, the capital city of Karnataka is known as the IT City or the Silicon Valley of India. It is also among the top 10 preferred entrepreneurial locations in the world. The IT industry has made this a demographically diverse city due to its role as India's leading Information Technology exporter. 

Educational institutions in Bangalore are widely known for their high standards in comparison to many other states in the country. The ever-expanding IT industry has created a growing expat population and a large number of U.S. citizens of Indian origins are looking at the U.S. as a higher education destination for their children. This has given rise to a multitude of quality international schools in the city. 


Over the past decade, a longstanding boom in Bangalore, driven by global tech giants, began spreading to Tier-2 and Tier-3 cities and towns of Karnataka. Karnataka grew from 16th to become India's third richest state by per capita income and Karnataka's average income doubled in the 2010s to $3800!



Student Priorities:​ opportunity to explore subjects, funding, long term goal oriented

Popular Programs: STEM - Engineering, Computer Sciences, Biological Sciences, Data Sciences, Astrophysics, Graphic Design


Student Priorities: specialized education, research and practical work exposure, funding

Popular Programs: STEM - Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, Biological Sciences, Management

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