Yashna Trust - EducationUSA Bangalore follows a step-by-step Guided Advising Model, as a part of the student advising process that spans a period of 12-18 months.  This is a dedicated program structured towards guiding students in building a strong application, based on their goals and aspirations.  Successful applicants are typically those who follow the recommended timeline and process.

Membership of Yashna Trust - EducationUSA Bangalore will enable you to be guided by our team of advisers, who will help you successfully navigate all the components of the application process.

STEP 1 (a)
Basic Orientation to 5 steps to study in the U.S.

An introductory and interactive session with students who are exploring options to study in the U.S.

Session objectives:

  • Learn about Higher Education opportunities in the U.S.

  • Learn about application procedures and timelines

  • Learn about Yashna Trust - EducationUSA Bangalore

  • Services offered as part of student membership

STEP 1 (b)
Short-listing U.S. Universities: The Right ‘Fit’

Learn how to prioritize and identify the right criteria while selecting universities.

Session objectives:

  • Help students identify EducationUSA resources to begin school search

  • Identify accredited U.S. Universities and Colleges

  • Identify institutions based on priorities

  • Make a list with the right mix of colleges and universities that match student's profile

Finance your studies in the U.S.

Financial planning is one of the integral elements of planning for higher education.

Session objectives:

  • Learn about the different options that exist for international students to fund their studies in the U.S.

  • Understand costs and experiences associated with U.S. study

Complete your
University/College Application

Learn to put together the various components of the application.

Session objectives:

  • Understand the different elements of the application

  • Develop a strategy to be prepared before the deadlines

  • Identify and understand position on the timeline

Understand U.S. Student Visa Process

Attend U.S. student visa sessions at Yashna Trust - EducationUSA Bangalore to familiarize yourself with the student visa process.

Session objective:

  • Understand the U.S. student visa application timeline, forms, requirements and interview process

  • Documents required for Visa Application Center

  • Documents required for Visa interview

Pre-Departure Orientation

Attend the Pre-Departure Orientation organized by Yashna Trust - EducationUSA.

Session objectives:

  • Network with other students leaving for the U.S.

  • Learn about student life in the U.S., cultural differences, academic systems and expectations and residential arrangements


  • Health insurance options

Yashna Trust - EducationUSA Bangalore does not guarantee admissions, financial aid or visas. Membership fees are a one-time payment by cash or cheque (services will commence subject to cheque realization). Membership fees cannot be pro-rated and membership is not transferable.


By enrolling with Yashna I was able to select my universities in a quick and efficient manner. They were able to provide the right guidance at every stage. All my queries were answered very promptly. Love the openness and approachable atmosphere they have cultivated.

Shymalika Nagendra

MS in School Counselling, Pennsylvania State University

I have secured an admit for Management of Information Systems with all universities I applied to, namely Carnegie Mellon University, Kelley School of Business, University of Indiana-Bloomington, Eller College of Management, University of Arizona and Syracuse University.
I would like to thank Yashna Trust for the constant support in making this possible.

Sanjay Joshi

Carnegie Mellon University, MS Management Information Systems

At Yashna Trust - EducationUSA Bangalore, the adviser I worked with was incredibly supportive from the beginning. From my first acceptance to my rejection from Harvard, my adviser was always there for me. I couldn't have chosen a better mentor if I tried!

Kaushall Senthil Nathan

BA in Psychology, University of Minnesota, Undergraduate - Fall '19

The experience with Yashna Trust was truly remarkable, and they guided me in the college application process very well. They also motivated and encouraged me to write a successful college essay. The orientations were really helpful and informative. My adviser turned out to be a very good mentor as well. Overall the experience with Yashna Trust - EducationUSA Bangalore was amazing. 

Naveenam Asok

BS in Chemical Engineering, Colorado State University, Undergraduate - Fall '19

It was a wonderful experience working with Yashna Trust - EducationUSA Bangalore, they were with us from start to finish and were extremely helpful!

Karthik Maheshwari

BS in Engineering, University of Massachusetts at Amherst, Undergraduate - Fall '19

Advisers at Yashna Trust - EducationUSA Bangalore displayed genuine interest and enthusiasm and helped us with every single step of the application process. We found the whole process very promising and doable under their able guidance. The advisers provided us with insights on criteria  for selection of Universities and valuable guidance through their workshops on essay writing. They were very approachable and would clarify any doubt that parents have. The interactive sessions with university representatives were extremely enlightening and gave lot of hope and confidence for students and parents alike. The university fairs helped students and parents become aware of the wide range of choice that is available for international students, different components of application and student profile. We would not have come this far but for Yashna Trust - EducationUSA Bangalore's guidance and Services that are genuine and valuable.

Sunita Chintada

Mother of Aman Chintada - BS in Computer Science & Dance, Arizona State University, Undergraduate - Fall '19

I arrived at my University last night and all is well here. I met my grad adviser and it seems like I have made a good impression on them already with my application – and a million thanks to you for helping me out there. The Indian Student Association here is extremely well managed and organized. I had a smooth flight and moved in into my temporary accommodation right-away, they have also gone far in helping me settle down. This combined with your valuable pre departure orientation session has been so helpful that I can say this truthfully, I haven’t felt for a moment that I have left India at all..
Again, I would like to thank you for all the advice and help that you have given me, due to which I am here comfortably settling-in in a university of my choice and doing what I’ve wanted to do for a long time.

Omkar Solarpukar

University of Oklahoma, MS in Mechanical Engineering

I was interested in pursuing a Masters degree in Forensic Accounting for the longest time. My primary challenge was identifying a school and program that best fit my needs. I was referred to Yashana Trust via family and friends. The staff at Yashana Trust make every effort to understand each aspiring student’s unique needs and help find the school and program that will be the best fit. They offer a comprehensive program that guides students from identifying the right school to the visa process. Thank you all.

Jyotsna Rao

MS in Forensic Accounting, Georgia Southern University

I found your visa seminar most helpful. I got an insight not only on the entire visa process, but also pointers on how to prepare for it. Thank you very much!

Anushri Prabhu

MS in Computer Science, University of Illinois Chicago

I got to know about Yashna Trust through one of my friends. Before getting here, I did explore a lot of other higher education consultants. During my first interaction with Yashna, I realized that they are very different – Dedicated, honest and sincere. They want to provide quality service and help students with no intentions to exploit money.

My experience with Yashna has been really fruitful and satisfying. I enrolled myself in the entire package which offered University short-listing, SOP and LOR reviews, Preparation for Visa and pre-departure sessions. Since there are about 4500+ universities in US, I had questions on how many Universities to apply and the way to go about short listing of schools.
The initial sessions at Yashna helped me align my thoughts and narrow down the list of Universities. The staff was of great help with prompt responses over phone and mails too.
You always need someone to review your SOP (very important for securing a good admit). They provided excellent review comments and helped me in making quality SOP by highlighting my interests clearly.

Everyone knows that Visa is one of the most important steps in the process and the battle is not won until you secure a U.S. Visa. Yashna organized a Visa session by a Consular officer from the American Consulate, Chennai. This session particularly helped me gain confidence and answered most of the doubts which I had. Yashna also provided a checklist of documents that I need to have and so on. Yashna also organized useful pre-departure sessions inviting people from different sections of the industry.

And Yashna’s service doesn’t end there. They are constantly in touch with me even now and it feels like a part of family. I would highly recommend Yashna Trust for people looking for help with regard to higher education. As I mentioned, they have a wonderful set of staff who care for you and it feels wonderful to be a part of Yashna family.

Vijaya Raghavan

MS in Computer Science, Carnegie Mellon University


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