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Fun and Food at Football - An American Tradition!

Updated: Nov 2, 2021

Meet our student blogger and e-intern!

Hi everyone! My name is Katie Overby and I’m a fourth-year undergraduate student at Louisiana State University (LSU). I’m studying International Studies with minors in German and Political Science. I am here to share more about my experiences at LSU and help you learn firsthand what it's like to live and study in U.S. I can’t wait to connect with you all!

The sport of American football has been the pride of many universities across the US for decades. Millions of people across the country tune in to watch college football games on Saturdays and games are a huge part of American college culture.

Football at Louisiana State University

The popularity of football varies by school. At my school, Louisiana State University, football is a massive part of our student life. In 2019, we even won the National Championship. One major aspect of football season is tailgating, which is popular at many schools. At LSU, large groups of fans gather on campus before the game and eat, drink, and play music and games. One of the most popular meals is a Louisiana dish called jambalaya, which is rice, vegetables, meat, and spices cooked together in a big pot. Another popular activity is a game of Cornhole, where players take turns throwing bean bags at wooden boards with holes cut into them, trying to make the beanbag into the hole. The atmosphere is extremely festive and is an important part of the game day experience. Once it's time, the fans walk to the stadium for the game. The stadium is always packed and lively. In addition to the game, we have a marching band, cheerleaders, dancers, and color guard to keep the crowd entertained. Fans all wear the school colors of purple and gold and shout the school’s cheers in unison. After the game, win or lose, students and fans often continue to celebrate the festivities on campus or at other locations.  

At a tailgate Going to celebrate after a game

Football in the U.S.

If football and tailgating sound like something you’d be interested in participating in as a student, check out different U.S. higher education institutions and their athletic departments. Football is popular at large public universities, as well as smaller community colleges. Here are some of the largest football programs in the United States.

Also folks, here's a glimpse of football from my university. Click here

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