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#MyCommunityCollege Experience (2)

Hello everyone! I'm an international student, Ruchira Danavadi studying at De Anza College in California. De Anza College, one of the top community colleges in the US with the greatest transfer rate, is situated in the heart of Silicon Valley. Given De Anza's fantastic location in Cupertino and the top-notch courses they offer, the choice was simple. By taking this path, I can complete the first two years of my bachelor's degree at a community college while also completing all of the general education requirements, and then after I transfer, can concentrate primarily on my major.

Studying at a community college has many benefits, including the fact that it is unquestionably less expensive than attending a university and that it is an excellent entry point for international students into the American educational system. It enables a smooth transition to university, where you are accustomed to your surroundings and well-prepared to take on more challenging courses. It is also a good opportunity for you to meet individuals from various walks of life and learn about the community you are surrounded by.

My journey at De Anza has humbled me and expanded my intellectual horizons. Help is always there for those who seek it out, from the counselors and advisors who assisted me with the immigration procedure to helping me select my courses. I've had the opportunity to participate actively in student clubs, and I'm presently the student body's Chair of Programs, a peer tutor, and an intern at an organization that works with AB540 students.

One of my favorite memories was being invited to a three-day conference in San Diego with a few other student leaders, where I was able to meet people from other community schools in California. It really was a fantastic chance to learn, network, and enjoy.

California's UC (University of California) and CSU (California State University) systems are closely allied with De Anza College. It aids students in transferring to some of the premier universities in the nation, including Stanford University, UC Berkeley, UCLA, and USC. It also offers guaranteed transfer to some of the state universities and guaranteed admission to a few UCs upon fulfilling the requirements. Given its location, there are ample opportunities for growth and learning; all you need to do is put in the time and effort to find and seize them. Given the excellent faculty, resources, and student clubs tailored to your interests, it is a fantastic option for international students.

Ruchira Danavadi

Associate of Arts Degree, Psychology

De Anza College

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