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Be Digitally Smart! Social Media Guidelines for High School Students!

High School students, while you are leaving your digital footprints in the various social media platforms, you may have to take some steps to be responsible and may also want to appear well-informed so you can use it to your advantage! Here are some tips:

Connect:Make as many connections as possible- with other students, professionals, and with people who share your passion/interest and with those related to your field of study. Try creating a LinkedIn page that is interactive and showcases evidences of your creativity, accomplishments, interests, hobbies, etc. Connect with like-minded people or groups that encourage mutual learning. Include your LinkedIn profile URL in your college application as, this is a great way to make your resume to speak-up for you and it is an opportunity to show how you are using digital media productively, effectively and responsibly all at the same time.

Upload: You can use photo-sharing platforms such as Instagram and Snapchat to not only share the pictures of last night’s dinner and your cat, but also of your work at your high school theater club, the poster you created for the school magazine, that robotic-hand you made now beating eggs for the cake your mom is going to bake! You get the picture right! These pictures, ultimately should also be showcasing your passion, experience, interest, and hobbies- to show that you are a well-rounded person!

Create: Create meaningful digital feeds that are aligned with your future goals. Apart from following your favorite sports stars and music icons, follow people or organizations that are relevant to your major or your field of study. If you are interested in certain colleges or universities, you can follow them as well. Add yourself to the groups or activities you are involved in. If you are active in a student association or any volunteer organization, it is great to showcase that.

To students in high school- since most of you are minors of age and since it is also imperative to guard your identity and whereabouts, it is advised to make your social profile PRIVATE if you have an option.

In short, be a well-informed digital traveler, and be aware of all the content you post/share/create in the various social media platforms. Thus, when you use digital media responsibly you are less likely to make mistakes that can be detrimental to your digital footprint!

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