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Effective College Planning: 8th Graders - Guidelines

Updated: Nov 24, 2018

It is good to have an early start in planning for college! Even before you reach high school, start your research and gather information on finding the right fit of a college where you can thrive and have a great learning experience. It is also the best time to explore the idea of what you actually like to do in the future. Eventually, this will lead you to analyzing and matching your interests with the various available career options.

Even though high school graduation is a long time from now, it is important to start introspecting. Here are some getting-to-know-you questions to help you take the first step in your college planning:

· What is your favorite subject in school?

· What do you enjoy doing the most in your free time?

· What is your reading list like?

· Are you interested in participating and leading student organizations and clubs?

· Do you enjoy being with a lot of people?

· Are you a smart user of the social media?

· Are you organized in your personal and study habits?

· Do you have a flair for writing or do you want to improve your writing?

Answering these questions and introspecting will allow to you navigate college search effectively and help you to find the college that is a right fit for you!

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