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Happy Easter!

On the third Sunday of April each year, people all around the world celebrate the holiday of Easter. Keep reading to find out how student blogger Katie Overby celebrates the holiday as an American university student.

What is Easter?

If you read my previous blog about Mardi Gras you may remember me talking about the Lenten Season. For Christians, Lent is 40 days of sacrifice before the Easter holiday. The Easter Holiday is traditionally celebrated within Christianity to celebrate Jesus’ resurrection from the dead, however, like Christmas, even non-Christian Americans partake in the Easter holiday.

Plastic Easter eggs

Egg Dying

Easter is representative of spring and rebirth, which is why eggs are such a large motif within the holiday. Leading up to Easter, many families dye boiled eggs in bright colors as a fun activity. Some speculate this tradition is rooted in a European tradition of dying eggs red to represent the blood of Jesus. Over the years, egg dying has gotten more elaborate and some decorate their eggs with designs, stickers, or paint.

Dying Eggs with my Cousin

The Easter Bunny

The Easter Bunny is a mythical character that brings colorful eggs, candy, and small toys to children on Easter morning. Sometimes the bunny will hide plastic eggs around one’s house or yard ensuing an easter egg hunt. Children will collect these eggs in baskets and often times these eggs are filled with candies. Many organizations and businesses will host their own Easter Egg hunts in the weeks leading up to Easter.

Me (center) Hunting for Eggs when I was Younger

How I Celebrate Easter

On Easter, my brother and I typically wake up to baskets filled by our mom with our favorite candy and small trinkets such as fun socks, stickers, or sunglasses. We then typically go to church and after we will have lunch. The rest of the day we spend relaxing and enjoying each other's company.

My Family on Easter

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