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Effective College Planning: 11th Graders - Guidelines

Junior Year in high school is the year dedicated to prepare for your U.S. college/university application process. You may be a grade away from submitting application forms to the various U.S. colleges/universities, but there is a lot for you to keep in mind and to do, so your U.S. college application process goes smoothly. Here are some pointers!

1. Maintain good grades! This becomes very important since most U.S. colleges/universities will take into consideration your academic scores right from your 9th through your 11th grades.

2. Select your academic subject courses well keeping in mind the area of your interest in college. Look at taking classes in subjects such as English, Math, Science, Social Studies, foreign Languages, economics, Commerce, Art, etc.

3. Practice well and sit for your standardized tests like the SAT or the ACT and English proficiency exams like TOEFL and IELTS.

4. Continue attending the information sessions that are conducted at Yashna Trust – EducationUSA Bangalore so you get to meet with the various U.S. universities and interact with the admissions officials to gather credible information as part of your college research. Also, continue to collect information by reading about the universities you are interested in by visiting their websites, following them on social media platforms and reading published write-ups about them.

5. Create an email account to use for college application purposes and check it often for updates and information about your application. Having this email account dedicated for U.S. university/college admissions purpose would prove very helpful particularly if you are applying to several institutions, as most colleges and universities would send you periodic updates about your application status and other important information.

6. Visit and follow as this is a one-stop-destination for you to gather information on scholarships from various U.S. universities/colleges and to gain valuable information and insights on U.S. university/college application process, common trends, clarification on FAQs, webinars on important topics on studying in the United States, information sessions at different EducationUSA centers, etc.

7. Key-in the information you gather about the different universities, on a spreadsheet, which will help you to compare and analyse the various features of individual U.S. institutions and help you make an informed decision while applying.

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