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Questions to ask the U.S. University Representatives

We at Yashna Trust – EducationUSA Bangalore, have been hosts to many U.S. Universities. The universities visit us to engage with the aspiring international students and we organize information sessions between the university representatives and the students along with their parents. The reps speak in detail about their schools and the various programs they offer. Generally, the information sessions come alive with the vibrant interaction between the students and the university representatives. The reps enjoy talking to the students and they feel it’s a good way to understand the popular young demographic of an international region.

It is a great chance for the students to uncover all that they want to know about the courses and the universities – things not found in the prospectus.  It is also a way to get the “feel” of the life that awaits the international student in the campus and outside of it. Here are some ready-reckoner-questions for international students to ask the U.S. university representatives when they get to meet them the next time!

You can ask them about:

1. The one thing that separates their school from the others

2. The application deadlines for admissions

3. The academic programs their school is known for

4. The percentage of international students enrolled in the school and the number pertaining to your country

5. The various international student services the school provides

6. The challenges international students face both in academic and in daily life

7. Internship or job opportunities the school offers the international students

8. How are room-mates selected?

9. How does the meal-plan work?

10. The extra-curricular activities on campus

These are some ideas to get you started. So when you are going for an information session or a fair to meet a university rep, you can prepare these questions ahead of time and avoid scenarios where you run of questions to ask. Also, it is clever to stay away from questions that are self-explanatory or the ones with answers available in the school website. Of course, it pays to read the school website before you meet the reps.

So, if you are ready to take-on your U.S. higher education experience, go ahead and ask questions!

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