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Whether you are planning to pursue an undergraduate or graduate degree, short term or a full degree program, U.S. Educational Institutions have been the first choice for most students around the world. Here are reasons why international students choose to study in the United States:

Academic Reputation:

The quality of courses and variety of programs that are offered to the students at a U.S. university/college remain a major attraction. No matter where you choose to study in the U.S. the institutions are known for maintaining outstanding quality in their higher education programs.  There are other factors that come in the fore-front as well such as the ratio of academic staff to the students, Strong science departments with a lot of international collaborations and research opportunities for students across various study levels.

Cutting Edge Technology / Hands on Training:

The important thing that the U.S. Universities are identified with is being the vanguard of technology, research and training. The various research–intensive STEM departments in these institutions make the latest technology and first-rate resources available to the students. The students who are pursuing courses in liberal arts or humanities even though they are not in any of the science and technology areas equally experience the presence of latest technology in their research, in acquiring information for presentations and other areas of study.

Variety of options and Flexibility:

Starting with the freedom to choose from a wide variety of classes that best fit your needs, to the flexibility of getting a transfer to other institutions, to switching your major field of study in the middle of your course, flexibility in the U.S. institutions have come a long way. Courses ranging from Packaging technology to Comic Art, from Popular Culture to Costume Technology, institutes in the U.S. offer it all.

Funding Opportunities:

Various levels of post-secondary study in the U.S. have a lot of funding opportunities ranging from scholarships, fellowships and grants. Many universities provide scholarships for students pursuing undergraduate courses while the graduates can fund their education by availing the training and teaching opportunities by become teaching assistants to undergraduates or research assistants on special projects related to their field of study.

Global marketability and Career Advantage:

With thousands of accredited institutes in the United States, students are spoilt for choice while it comes to choosing a program that would match their academic goals. For international students who have earned their degree from U.S. institutions it gets easy to present themselves in the global job market. International students in the U.S have the opportunity to gain work experience while they are studying and can work in the U.S. as a part of the Optional Practical Training (OPT) . Not just in the United States, International Students are in great demand elsewhere in the world too. When students graduate out of the U.S. institutes, they come out as confident, independent individuals with enhanced cross-cultural skills, they are in high demand with the employers all over the world.

Experience U.S. College Life

Apart from excellent academic experience, Students in the U.S Institutes are subjected to vivacious college atmosphere which brings out the best in them.  They can get involved in various non-academic activities. Right from the opportunity discover the vibrant American culture by meeting new people and making new friends, the international students’ cultural horizons are broadened. The time they spend out of their homes studying in the U.S, is enriched by rich social and cultural experiences, athletic activities, and artistic endeavors that provide a varied dimension to their student lives.

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