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The Standardized Tests 101 for Students: IMPORTANT REMINDERS FOR TAKING THE TEST

Updated: Dec 3, 2018

The test day is near! Of course you have carefully chosen the right kind of dinner plan for the night before the SAT, you have taken the time and effort to find out the location of the test center as well and you know that it is important to have a good night’s sleep before the test day. What else! It’s time to gather up all the things you will need for the test the night before to avoid running around the next morning. So, here is a list of your good-to-haves for taking the test:

Your Admission Ticket: This ticket was mailed or emailed to you upon registration. If you registered online, you can visit your College Board account or to print out another copy.

A Photo ID: You can use any Government issued ID with your acceptable, recent photo or your school ID (check if accepted for these individual exams). Carry original documents of all the IDs (not photocopies).

Some tips to help you with the exam:

~To ensure that your answers are recorded properly for accurate scoring you will want to follow the guidelines below when marking the answers in your test booklet:

1. Use a no.2 pencil with a soft eraser. Do not use a pen or mechanical pencil. An essay written in pen will not scan and receive a score of zero. (SAT only)

2. Make sure you fill the entire circle darkly and completely

3. If you change your response, erase as completely as possibly

4. ACT is online now, so take the available free online practice tests to time yourself well for tackling the online test questions.

~On the test day, there is no penalty for guessing; you simply earn points for the questions you answer correctly. Try to give your best answer to every question – there is no advantage in leaving them blank.

~Use a watch to time yourself – no separate timers or alarms are allowed, as they distract other test-takers. Choose a watch that does not have advanced communication or recording features (as they are not allowed in the testing room).

~Do not skip sections, and do not leave your answers blank. Doing so could result in score cancellation and /or delays.

~Store any snacks you bring out of sight in your backpack or a paper bag. Snacks may be consumed only during breaks.

~Plan ahead and bring equipment that is in good working order. Test center staff will not have extra batteries, calculators, CD players, or ear phones. You will not be able to share equipment with another test-takers.

~Keep your ID and Admission Ticket with you at all times, especially if you leave the testing room. You may be asked to show your ID or Admission Ticket at any time while in the test center. Do not write on the Admission Ticket.

~You may be required to complete an additional section of the SAT/ACT. Students must complete all sections of the test. If you leave before dismissal, your scores will be canceled.

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