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The Standardized Tests 101 for Students: PREPARATION

The standardized tests are designed with a focus on knowledge and skills that are essential for college and career readiness for a student. Colleges and Universities throughout the United States and in various other countries accept the SAT/ACT for admission purposes. With its strong connection to classroom learning and to productive personalized instruction, the standardized tests can give you a boost in the college-going process.

These tests are highly relevant to your future success and they measure the following aspects of your learning and potential career goals:

1. What you learn in high school

2. What you need to succeed in college

Learning is never about remembering and reproducing all that you have learnt in the text book. Also it is not about figuring out a way to stuff your brain with the all available information from the book for the next day’s exam. It is, in fact the time you invest on developing your skills and creating an understanding of the different subjects. Preparing for the standardized tests too follow a similar process. Here are some of the ways to help you prepare:

a. Take challenging courses in school

b. Do your home work

c. Take online tests

d. Invest on prep books

e. Search and find free testing materials online ( or (

d. Enroll for SAT/ACT Classes

The most important point of all this is “do not stress over the test”.  It is not a must that you should try and do everything in the above list.

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Make use of this opportunity!

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