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Effective College Planning: 12th Graders - Guidelines

You are officially a high school senior and this is the year for applying to the various U.S. universities and colleges that you consider to be a great fit for you. This is also the year, when you are going to get totally busy with school work, college applications related work, extra curriculars, and other activities. So, get organized, introspect, be aware of deadlines, do not procrastinate! Here are some pointers to help!

1. Keep up with your school work. Your grades are important even as you are in the process of submitting your applications to the various U.S. universities/Colleges.

2. Finalize on the colleges/universities you are going to apply and make note of the deadlines. If you plan to apply early, do so by preparing well and make sure you submit a perfect application package well in time.

3. If you feel you require a structured guidance on your U.S. college/university application, visit Yashna Trust – EducationUSA Bangalore to avail the Guided Advising process to help you with the application process right from guiding you in the selection of the right U.S. higher educational institution, helping you to write an effective undergraduate essay, assisting you in understanding the U.S. application process, F1 student visa process, to the Pre-Departure Orientation.

4. Stay connected with the colleges/universities that most interest you. Get in touch with the student ambassadors or current students from the respective U.S. institutions and gather information about these colleges.

5. Fill up all the relevant application forms such your college application forms, FAFSA (only for U.S. citizens), or other financial aid forms associated with the applications you are planning to submit.

6. Prepare well for any interview during the selection process. Reach out to Yashna Trust – EducationUSA Bangalore’s guidance for any advice on the same.

7. As you receive admissions offer from the various U.S. colleges/universities, make sure you send all the relevant forms and information that the university requires you to send in time.

All the best!

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